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Monday, July 11th, 2011
11:26 am
Shuttle Launch Trip 2011: The Photo Post
I don't do enough photo posts and in the interest of getting this done before it falls into my bottomless pit of to-do items here we go!

Note these pics can also be found in larger size at www.savitzky.com/gallery (the more personal ones) and www.fourthwall-photo.com (the more generic ones).
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2:56 am
Florida trip recap:
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Thursday, January 22nd, 2009
7:01 pm
Trip to DC: Tuesday (picture heavy)
Hmm...did something important happen on Tuesday? It's hard to remember. :)
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Monday, January 19th, 2009
10:59 pm
Trip to DC: Monday
So to "celebrate" MLK-Jr. Day my dad and I went over to the Arlington National Cemetery. I've never been there before. I really just wanted to see the Tomb of the Unknown but we got to see a few other things too including the JFK grave. It was a pretty damn powerful trip.

Before we headed out though we hit up a Peruvian chicken place ("Super Pollo") for lunch which was unbelievably tasty. Then we hopped on the Metro and headed out. It was crowded but not overly - other than the thousands of kid groups wandering around in packs.

We stayed until it closed at 5:00 and then headed towards the Memorial Bridge just to look across the river. Thought about continuing onto the Lincoln Memorial but it was late, we were tired, and there aren't any Metro stations near it so we reversed course and went back home.

Had a great burger for dinner but unfortunately we found that the dogs uncovered a half-bag of Butterfinger "Bells" - small bits of chocolate and butterfinger similar in size to a Hersey's Kiss. They ate them all - tinfoil wrapper and all. Yikes! So far so good though - they're acting normal so we're hopeful nothing bad will happen other than some extra tips outside for them to get rid of it all.

So, now I'm uploading the pics I shot today and then hopefully I'll get some rest before tomorrow. I'll probably try to head into DC by about 6AM and it's going to be *cold*. Should be a craaaaazy day. :)

(More pics of course at www.savitzky.com/gallery)
12:47 am
A Prayer for the Nation and Our Next President, Barack Obama
By The Rt. Rev. V. Gene Robinson, Episcopal Bishop of New Hampshire

Welcome to Washington! The fun is about to begin, but first, please join me in pausing for a moment, to ask God's blessing upon our nation and our next president.

O God of our many understandings, we pray that you will…

Bless us with tears – for a world in which over a billion people exist on less than a dollar a day, where young women from many lands are beaten and raped for wanting an education, and thousands die daily from malnutrition, malaria, and AIDS.

Bless us with anger – at discrimination, at home and abroad, against refugees and immigrants, women, people of color, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.

Bless us with discomfort – at the easy, simplistic "answers" we've preferred to hear from our politicians, instead of the truth, about ourselves and the world, which we need to face if we are going to rise to the challenges of the future.

Bless us with patience – and the knowledge that none of what ails us will be "fixed" anytime soon, and the understanding that our new president is a human being, not a messiah.

Bless us with humility – open to understanding that our own needs must always be balanced with those of the world.

Bless us with freedom from mere tolerance – replacing it with a genuine respect and warm embrace of our differences, and an understanding that in our diversity, we are stronger.

Bless us with compassion and generosity – remembering that every religion's God judges us by the way we care for the most vulnerable in the human community, whether across town or across the world.

And God, we give you thanks for your child Barack, as he assumes the office of President of the United States.

Give him wisdom beyond his years, and inspire him with Lincoln's reconciling leadership style, President Kennedy's ability to enlist our best efforts, and Dr. King's dream of a nation for ALL the people.

Give him a quiet heart, for our Ship of State needs a steady, calm captain in these times.

Give him stirring words, for we will need to be inspired and motivated to make the personal and common sacrifices necessary to facing the challenges ahead.

Make him color-blind, reminding him of his own words that under his leadership, there will be neither red nor blue states, but the United States.

Help him remember his own oppression as a minority, drawing on that experience of discrimination, that he might seek to change the lives of those who are still its victims.

Give him the strength to find family time and privacy, and help him remember that even though he is president, a father only gets one shot at his daughters' childhoods.

And please, God, keep him safe. We know we ask too much of our presidents, and we're asking FAR too much of this one. We know the risk he and his wife are taking for all of us, and we implore you, O good and great God, to keep him safe. Hold him in the palm of your hand – that he might do the work we have called him to do, that he might find joy in this impossible calling, and that in the end, he might lead us as a nation to a place of integrity, prosperity and peace.


Sunday, January 18th, 2009
11:38 pm
So, What'd YOU do today?
I hung out with a few hundred thousand of my closest friends:

(more at www.savitzky.com/gallery)

But let's go back to the beginning. I started my adventure after visiting some friends at Alexmas 2009. :) It was nice finally getting to one of those. Got to watch the new Battlestar episode which was cool and then I procrastinated until about 2:30 when I finally got on the road.

I made it half-way through Connecticut before almost passing out and deciding to take a nap at a rest stop. After sleeping for about 45 minutes I was woken up by a state trooper wanting to make sure I was ok. So, I was up again and thus back on the road.

Overall the drive wasn't bad - especially once the sun started coming up. I literally did not hit ANY traffic. Not at the George Washington Bridge, not near the Dulles airport in DC, nowhere. In fact, after getting gas in Jersey I didn't have to step on my clutch again until I got off the highway at the Air & Space Museum!
Don't you wish you were here?:

I was there from about 12:30 to when they closed at 5:30 and then headed to my dad's place (I did take a ton of photos which I'll post soon). Eventually found it though it was a bit hidden. He has two tiny spots in the parking garage but I couldn't fit in the one we planned to use because their car's battery was dead and it was taking up too much room. Jump start it you say? Easier said than done when you're dealing with a freakin' Prius. But eventually we got it done which was a relief.

After a little recovery we headed out for some really yummy Vietnamese noodles, then back to the apartment for beer and much-needed sleep.

I woke up around 10AM this morning and got dressed: thermal pants, thermal undershirt, cargo pants, long-sleeve shirt, thermal vest, thermal socks, new -40 degree boots, gloves/mittens, scarf, trench coat, turtle fur neck warmer, and my Patriots ugly-hat. I was freakin' set. And I'm happy to say it worked - I've never been warmer in my life while standing outside in the winter.

I took the Metro for the first time and headed into DC. Got off at a station not too close to the Mall so I could avoid the crowds but that meant I had to walk a bit. Not too bad though and the weather was nice to me. Cresting the hill where the Washington Monument stands was pretty incredible. At that point it was still an hour before showtime so the crowds weren't too bad up there. No way could I get down near the reflecting pool though - that place was nuts and officials had it blocked off already. But there were jumbotrons everywhere so it was fine. And I borrowed my dad's 18-200mm lens which was a lifesaver - I got some really cool shots which I've already posted in the gallery mentioned above. I called Dad to let him know the crowds weren't too bad and he should head down.

He did, but we didn't end up finding each other until after the concert. Our cell phones worked, but never at the same time. What a pain that was. Plenty of circuits but the cell towers just didn't have the capacity to keep up with the volume of all those people trying to make calls.

The show was great. If you missed it on HBO look elsewhere for it. Really great performances, nice speeches, and just an amazing event. I got chills a few times and teared up a bit too - very emotional to be there surrounded by such a sea of humanity. Early estimates say there were over 750,000 people there and amazingly enough there were no major incidents or arrests. Everyone was nice to each other and it was just a great vibe overall.

After the show, Dad and I found each other and decided to go eat at Zed's - a famous local place serving Ethiopian food. It was about a mile and a half walk and fortunately we go there *just* before most of the crowds arrived so we didn't even have to wait for a table!

The food was great and then we headed down the 4 block walk to the Metro station (I had originally planned to go down to some monuments to take pictures of them at night but I was just too tired). There were tons of police and passengers going into the station but when we got down to the train it was very empty - we not only got seats but there were even free seats still when the train left the station!

So, now we're home. We watched the first encore showing of the concert on HBO and then I hopped in the shower. It felt *SO* good!

Now I'm getting ready for bed. I think tomorrow I'll be checking out my dad's office and then head into DC for some museum time. Then tomorrow night hopefully I'll finally get to the FDR Memorial. Tuesday of course is the inauguration. What a week!
Wednesday, March 19th, 2008
10:29 pm
No strike for me
I don't know if the community at large is going to cancel the planned boycott on the 21st but I'm not going to participate in it anymore thanks to LJ admitting their mistakes and apologizing: http://community.livejournal.com/lj_2008/3846.html. Bravo to them.
Tuesday, March 18th, 2008
10:15 pm
Check it out

Check the link for details. I normally don't do stuff like that but this is important to me no matter how trivial it is in the grand scheme of life and the internet.

And FYI, for us on the East coast this is starting at 8:00PM on Thursday night.

And yes, I'm aware of the irony that everyone posting about the strike is just generating even more traffic on the site. :)
Wednesday, April 18th, 2007
10:53 am
Distant Music in Lowell
The latest play I'm working on opened this past Friday night. Saturday
night there was a reviewer from the Globe there and the review just came
out today!

Saturday, April 7th, 2007
5:44 pm
Tuesday, October 31st, 2006
12:31 pm
Sexism at Rocky?
Jimmy made a post recently http://jrising.livejournal.com/25259.html that others have linked to which is how I found it (since he's not on my friends list - it's too long as it is). It honestly shocked me. Much like the complaint we got about a couple of preshows from an audience member. The two she complained about both ended with the "objectified woman" killing the objectifier and "winning". How is that sexist? It's showing sexist themes that get beaten down by a strong woman in the end.

Do we love naked women? Of course we do. And believe it or not we love naked men too. I seem to recall that last month's preshow featured JD and Denny kissing and that got louder applause than any other part of the preshow. Do we tell women at the show they can't have a particular role or be in charge of something just because they're women? Of course not. We've had women in charge of every single tech crew at one point or another and we've had a woman play every single role on stage at one point or another.

Let's look at this. We have four crews. Two of them are led by women. If that isn't considered equal then I don't know what is. It might be sexist if they had to sleep with me to get those jobs but they didn't - no matter how much I begged Ruthie.

I guess I just don't understand how wanting to see women as sexy eye candy while at the same time *respecting* them is sexist. The people who join our show for the former without the respecting part are weeded out eventually and leave. Do we expect everyone at the show to be sexy? Actually yeah - in some form or another. I think every single person there is sexy and I have no problem telling them.
Thursday, October 12th, 2006
11:10 pm
I'm posting this via the JABBER plug-in on Trillian through my LJ account. Pretty slick. Check out the details at http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=270
Wednesday, May 24th, 2006
7:06 pm
Sunday, January 1st, 2006
6:08 pm
Happy new year!

How should we celebrate? I know! Let's have no heat and have to pay overtime to the oil company to come out and replace the controller box on our burner.

Yeah! That sounds like fun. :)

At least they got here really quickly and were super nice. And they gave me a brief tour of my heating system so I can do more of the work on it myself in the future (and I finally understand how the hot water tank gets filled...).

Oh yeah, and I'm sore as shit and orange too.

What a fun weekend though!

Anyone want to come over tonight for some hot tubbing?
Sunday, December 25th, 2005
1:49 am
I win
Email is back up and running for Savitzky.com. The website/photo gallery will be down until I get time to move all that data over.

I built a new (well, old but new...) server and started a whole new savitzky.com active directory domain. A bit complicated internally but easier in the long run than any of the other alternatives. Plus, the old savitzky.com was created about 4 years ago when I knew alot less so this one is set up much better anyway.

I'm now running on a dual processor box (the giant IBM Netfinity 5000 with the window I put in it if anyone remembers that from my house) with a ton of ram and a nice RAID5 with hotswap drives. It's got Windows 2003 Server and Exchange 2003 - both enterprise version.

I'll be attempting to load Windows 2003 Server R2 sometime tomorrow or Monday I think. No fear. ;)

If anyone had anything sitting on my server please let me know soon (other than Fang - I know about your shit). And if anyone had an email account on my server and still wants it, please remind me so I can check on it for you.

Oh yeah, and Merry Xmas/Happy Hannukah/Joyous Festivus to all.
Saturday, December 24th, 2005
6:05 pm
no mail :(
FYI, my email/web server has been down since yesterday morning. If you have something important for me please call. The rest of this weekend is being spent rebuilding it in the name of jesus. ;)
Monday, December 12th, 2005
9:12 pm
Wednesday, November 16th, 2005
1:03 am
I got mail today from Broadway In Boston.

My tickets to Wicked.

I just filled the cup.
Wednesday, November 9th, 2005
1:01 am
Up and Down we go
Up: Got the new CRM database at work going well - should meet the target live date.
Down: After making some changes to it, it crashed bad and couldn't be recovered - then found out the hard way that without the SQL Agent, Veritas BackupExec won't backup SQL database files.

Up: Had a guy walk in off the street yesterday looking for an entry-level tech support job. He was cheap and had Posi experience.
Down: He emailed me tonight saying he changed his mind.

Up: Went to the NIN concert tonight curtesy of Diana. Yay! It was most excellent.
Down: After wearing ear plugs for half of the first song I decided they made the concert sound like utter shit so I took them out. Now I have the typical post-concert-fishbowl sound ringing through my head.

Up: Me, right now. Way too late.
Down: Where my head should be going now since I have to be at work early for a 10:00AM interview. Dammit, I'll fill these positions no matter what!

Up next, final dress rehearsal at Turtle Lane and then the outside show in VT where I play on getting completely shitfaced at the afterparty.
Sunday, October 30th, 2005
4:00 am
Directions to Devin's Game
For Joy (and anyone else who might be able to make it).

Devin's last game of the season - versus Chelmsford at 9:30AM.

McCarthy Middle School
495 North to the Rt.4 exit in Chelmsford. At the top of the ramp take a left (over 495). Go about 3/4 to a mile and the McCarthy School is on the left. Turn left in the second driveway and parking is available on both sides of the school.
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